3 Steps to Successful Networking on LinkedIn


Over the years, LinkedIn has become the definitive online professional network, aiming not only to connect professionals all over the world, but also to be the main hub for information sharing between its members.

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4 Ways of Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

The shift towards a digital world has radically changed the way we do business. People establish contacts online and carry conversations on social platforms, thus opening new doors for the entrepreneurs who are constantly working to expand their businesses.

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10 Things you missed on the web this month

Welcome to the monthly box of goodies from Emerge!

The busiest month of the year is finally over and we can now breathe and enjoy the weekend in some peace and quiet, gently scrolling down our news feeds like the internet addicts that we are. It’s been quite a month on the web, and in case you missed some of the most popular stories, we’re here to help!

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Building your professional image with your LinkedIn Profile

In the business environment, the image you convey as a professional is your most important asset for gaining competitive edge in your industry. Carefully building and communicating your image can help you close new deals and grow your business.

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How to Create and Grow Your LinkedIn Company Page


If you’ve been looking for new ways to grow your company’s online presence, you’ve probably considered Linkedin. Not sure yet that this is the right social network for your business? Perhaps a few numbers about the largest professional network on the Internet will persuade you that your company should be there as well:

  • LinkedIn started the year with more than 300 million members;

  • There are 4 million business pages on the platform;

  • It covers nearly 150 industries.


The majority of your target audience, employees and prospective talents are already on LinkedIn. In order to establish a dialogue between your company and all these stakeholders, you need to build a relevant Company Page.


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10 Facebook Marketing Tips for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


When it comes to social media marketing, and in this case Facebook, your business goal isn't to get likes and shares, it's to do sales!


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Facebook Ratings Gone? Check your Local Page has a Physical Address

[Image Source: Sean MacEntee]

You may have noticed that your Facebook stars vanished over the past few days. That's because Pages without a physical address no longer have their page ratings.


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The Weekly Inbound Round Up - What is Inbound Marketing?

The weekend is here and it's the end of a great holiday for me - back to London next week! This week I've been doing some preparation for an upcoming Social Media class I'll be delivering in London, so it's all about social sharing and hashtags. 

Hope you have a great week, and here's the round up of interesting Inbound Marketing posts from around the web, as well as some other fun stuff:
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The Weekly Inbound Round Up - Twitter and the Knysna Oyster Festival

The weekend is here and we're heading for Knysna (Western Cape, South Africa) to join friends for The Knysna Oyster Festival! Going to enjoy a weekend loaded with outdoor activities and great food. 


Hope you have a great week and here's the round up of interesting Inbound Marketing posts from around the web, as well as some other fun stufff:

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8 Steps to Creating A LinkedIn Company Page


Over 3 million companies have LinkedIn pages, with more than 500,000 company pages added between 2012 and 2013. 

Does your company have a LinkedIn company page? Keep reading for tips on how to create and get the most from your LinkedIn company page. 


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