SEO Tips for Social Media Managers - Infographic

While it has been argued for years, social media and SEO are essentially cut from the same cloth. In fact, social media managers now have to first understand that SEO and social media marketing go hand in hand to be effective. The two sides are not required to operate on separate levels and marketing strategies often affect SEO.
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How Personal Social Media Accounts Help Businesses

You must have heard the story of personal branding very often by now and started perfecting your social media profiles, from Facebook, to LinkedIn, perhaps even Instagram. That is, in fact, a very good move not only for yourself, but for your company as well. You know what they say: the better the social media presence of the CEO, the better the results for their brand

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How to perfect your Sales Strategy using Social Media

We know Social Media is a great tool for increasing word of mouth about your brand, establishing transparency and highlighting all the company updates you'd like to share with your follower base. But have you ever considered a sales strategy through social media? Lately, it has become the number one priority of online marketers, and with notable results, might we add. Social selling has improved its outcomes in the past years and we have the main insights plus a few useful tips for your own strategy right below.

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How to Prospect on Social Media

Filling the pipe with new prospects is a constant challenge for any business owner. In the past we used to buy lists and cold-call the hell out of them but that kind of prospecting just doesn’t work anymore. Think about it, have you been cold-called recently? Did you enjoy the experience? I thought not. So how do you find prospects to fill your pipe nowadays?

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Top 6 Hashtag Monitoring Tools

In the world of Social Media Marketing campaigns, there is always the question of monitoring and identifying specific results in order to repeat the good and improve the not so good. We're constantly searching for tools that could make this process easier and we're satisfied with what we found in terms of monitoring the activity of certain hashtags used in our social media marketing campaigns.

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What works best for your business? Social Media or Digital Marketing?

Running a business is fraught with challenges. Over the years you’ve probably experimented with various marketing strategies and innovative sales approaches to grow revenue.

You’ve likely picked up on the buzz around digital marketing and social media marketing. Wondering which approach is going to help you push the needle on your growth aspirations?

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10 Things you missed on the web this month

Welcome to the monthly box of goodies from Emerge!

The busiest month of the year is finally over and we can now breathe and enjoy the weekend in some peace and quiet, gently scrolling down our news feeds like the internet addicts that we are. It’s been quite a month on the web, and in case you missed some of the most popular stories, we’re here to help!

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Do's and Don'ts In Social Media For Your Company's Employees

Even though it's 2015 already, social media practices can still be a hit and miss for many companies, no matter if they're big or small. Truth is, we love to read articles about what to do and what not to do as businesses in social media, and the internet is loaded with resources or tips and tricks.

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10 Tips for Creating Your Social Media Strategy

[Image Source: mkhmarketing]


Need help getting started with your social media strategy? It's no longer time to be sitting on the fence. Social media marketing has becomes a powerful lead generation tool. And it's time you use it to your advantage!


In this post I’ll share 10 tips for getting your social media strategy off the ground.


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How to Grow Your Twitter Followers


When you're growing a business you're always looking for innovative, cost-effective ways to grow your brand and build your customer base. Social media is an excellent channel for you to engage with existing customers and attract new ones. Lately I've been exploring ways of driving up the number of quality Twitter followers we have - after all we have loads of Inbound Marketing tips and advice to share with you! 

So, while you're aware that Twitter is a great place for engagement with followers and a channel for generating leads and new sales. Do you know just how important it can be to your business? Here's an interesting fact: 42% of companies have acquired a customer through Twitter. 

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