Adapt Your Marketing And Generate More Sales Qualified Leads

There are specific events that trigger customers into a buying mode, you can use these events to make your marketing more effective.

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Why buyers spend only 32% of their time talking to you.

According to a recent Gartner study of 700 buyers across the US, EMEA, Brazil, India, and China, consumers spend only 32% of their purchasing journey interacting with supplier-side content or sales people. The majority of their time is devoted to internal assessments, peer discussion and listening to the recommendations of external experts.

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Mapping Your Buyer’s Journey To Your Sales Funnel

Although it’s tempting to regard your sales funnel performance as the most important objective, understanding customer behaviour is the ultimate goal and it requires an overview of both the buyer’s journey - how they found you and what were their actions leading to a sale- and the sales funnel - how they converted from lead to customer.

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Considering marketing automation software? Here are some useful hints

New research by Software Advice, a company that help buyers find software, reveals that 98% of small businesses are looking for dedicated marketing automation software for the first time.

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Part 2 - The Sales Methodology & Training Formula

In the first post of this series we looked at how to create a great sales team, by hiring salespeople with the characteristics to be successful in a market where the Internet has shifted power away from the salesperson and into the hands of the consumer.  In this post we look at how to grow a great sales team using the sales methodology and a predictable sales training formula.

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Why Certifications Help Your Career

There is a lot of buzz lately around alternative education and training. If you run a Google search for “certifications in demand” you get no less than 35 million results. The question that arises in this case would be How relevant is a certification and will it actually help your career?

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How to Create a Great Sales Team - Part 1: Hiring

The Internet has shifted power away from sales people and into the hands of the consumer. Empowering them to go online and find the right product or service, at the right price, from the right sales person. So, how do you make sure your business has the right sales people?

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3 Steps To Convert Business Goals Into Digital Marketing Actions

Should I have a digital marketing strategy, or is it enough to just use some online tactics to take my business forward?

Business owners are known to work in their company, solving operational tasks, more than they work on their company, defining strategic goals. It's the routine of day-to-day tasks and the stress of growing a business that creates time pressure on non-strategic issues.

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Why We Love The Sales Funnel (And You Should, Too!)


[ Image source: Barb Steinacker ]


Wondering why visitors to your website aren't converting to leads? Want more qualified leads, so your sales team isn't wasting time? 

Then it's time to start putting helpful content in front off prospects as you nurture them through the sales funnel!

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4 Steps to Turning Your Website into a Lead Generation Powerhouse

We're living in the internet age, a time when power lies in the hands of the customer. Regardless of whether you're a B2B, B2C or non-profit, your companie's online presence is essential for reaching buyers. Increasingly, companies are adopting customer-focused business models. This means turning away from a product-based strategy to solving your customers challenges and delighting them with insight and education. Your website is the perfect tool to do this.

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