4 Steps to Identify Your Ideal Customer

One of the fundamental elements of any good marketing strategy is a well defined target audience. Casting a wide net and attempting to attract any business that remotely matches your offering is by no means an effective strategy. Often companies hungry for growth pursue this strategy, however it is not sustainable.

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How to turn your Startup into a Business?

It’s one of the questions that keeps budding entrepreneurs awake at night. In fact, the same question, in one form or another, keeps most entrepreneurs and business owners awake at night. Some are navigating the challenges that come with growth, some the changes in the competitive landscape, and others the changes in the economic climate.

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5 Ideas to Start Aligning Sales and Marketing

One challenge I have when starting up the marketing efforts with a company that has not done inbound marketing before is the alignment between sales and marketing. One of the most frequent roadblocks/challenges I encounter when starting a marketing collaboration with a company that has no previous experience with inbound marketing is the alignment between sales and marketing. 

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Part 2 - The Sales Methodology & Training Formula

In the first post of this series we looked at how to create a great sales team, by hiring salespeople with the characteristics to be successful in a market where the Internet has shifted power away from the salesperson and into the hands of the consumer.  In this post we look at how to grow a great sales team using the sales methodology and a predictable sales training formula.

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How to Create a Great Sales Team - Part 1: Hiring

The Internet has shifted power away from sales people and into the hands of the consumer. Empowering them to go online and find the right product or service, at the right price, from the right sales person. So, how do you make sure your business has the right sales people?

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