6 Ways to Jump Start Your Marketing Strategy

I bet you started the year ready to achieve great things, filled with desire to take your business to the next level. So, how are things shaping up? Are you climbing through to your cruising altitude or still struggling through some turbulence? The good news is it's not too late adjust course and find some clear air – it just takes a few hours of dedicated “think time”. 
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SEO Tips for Social Media Managers - Infographic

While it has been argued for years, social media and SEO are essentially cut from the same cloth. In fact, social media managers now have to first understand that SEO and social media marketing go hand in hand to be effective. The two sides are not required to operate on separate levels and marketing strategies often affect SEO.
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The Role of a Scrum Master in Agile Marketing

Scrum is a framework that can help agile marketing teams focus on delivering chunks of work that support their overall marketing strategy. Each piece of work, or story, contributes to a Sprint goal; which in turn drives the success of your marketing goals. 

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What is Scrum for Marketing?

Scrum is an Agile framework, originally formalized for complex software development projects. It is also a useful methodology for delivering innovative, digital marketing strategies.

The philosophy behind Agile can be applied to a number of industries. Its core principles are aimed at fluidizing business processes and increasing efficiency. Scrum is the leading Agile delivery framework, a team-based approach geared toward creating business value. Marketers can use Scrum to organize marketing teams so that they become self-sufficient and deliver great results in a shorter amount of time.

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10 Tips for Creating a Newsletter People Actually Enjoy Getting

Every month you probably end up right back in front of that newsletter email template, unsure of what to write. It happens to most marketers in fact. Commonly thought of as the best solution to generate more leads and amplify content, email newsletters can be a great source of joy or stress. They’re a great asset when they generate results and satisfying CTR but they can be a real disappointment when they go un-opened and deleted.
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Which digital marketing metrics are most useful?

Data is at the basis of digital marketing. It’s what gives it the much craved power of analytics, real-time optimizations and audience insights. But sometimes there seems to be too much data, prompting questions like:

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How to Create a Content Strategy

Before we take on a new client, there’s always the discussion of “How exactly do you do what you do?”. Because we want to be able to easily share these ideas with our potential clients, we decided to write them down for posterity.

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Accelerate middle-of-the-funnel conversions

In trying to fully embrace the inbound marketing philosophy, many marketers have grown somewhat fearful of designing content for selling. Because content marketing’s no.1 rule is “Create valuable, remarkable content”, a lot of the creation efforts are aimed at attracting top-of-the-funnel visitors, while sometimes neglecting middle-of-the-funnel and bottom-of-the-funnel prospects.

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Mapping Your Buyer’s Journey To Your Sales Funnel

Although it’s tempting to regard your sales funnel performance as the most important objective, understanding customer behaviour is the ultimate goal and it requires an overview of both the buyer’s journey - how they found you and what were their actions leading to a sale- and the sales funnel - how they converted from lead to customer.

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Considering marketing automation software? Here are some useful hints

New research by Software Advice, a company that help buyers find software, reveals that 98% of small businesses are looking for dedicated marketing automation software for the first time.

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