How to improve your blogging skills

You've heard that blogging can help improve lead generation. But you're a business owner, not a writer. Writing takes time. It requires a constant stream of ideas. It needs to be grammatically correct. And it needs to hold a person's interest beyond the first few lines. For most business owners time is in short supply, and we weren't born with Hemingway's talent.

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5 Things you missed on the web... again!

Another month, another "top 5" on the Emerge blog! We've selected another round of worthy articles that you could learn something from, especially as entrepreneurs trying to grow their business through digital marketing. You won't be disappointed with these resourceful insights, so let's get to the most important 5 discussions on the web for the month of April. 


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Business Blogging Advantages And How To Leverage Them

Many entrepreneurs struggle to understand the business relevance of blogging. In fact, blogging is often dismissed as just another marketing tactic when, in fact, it is the no.1 lead generation tactic in inbound marketing - which is, of course, the best kind of marketing.

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5 Awesome links you missed on the web this month

We're back on the blog with our monthly round-up of cool articles from the web that we thought to share with our community. To be honest, it's one of the posts we get really excited about, because there is always something worth sharing, especially when it comes to digital marketing.

Let's see what March had in store this time and please let us know what else you think should be on the list!


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Monthly box of goodies: 5 things you missed on the web this month

Hello again and welcome to the monthly round-up of awesome links you missed in the month of February!


A lot has happened on the Internet this past month, if we may say so. The Oscars really filled up our newsfeeds, but we're not exactly mad about that, because it gave us a chance to see how much work gets invested in such a huge event, and we were also rooting for Birdman, but just saying. We know that it has been a shorter month. However, we still managed to gather a handful of resources from the web.

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10 Things you missed on the web this month

Welcome to the monthly box of goodies from Emerge!

The busiest month of the year is finally over and we can now breathe and enjoy the weekend in some peace and quiet, gently scrolling down our news feeds like the internet addicts that we are. It’s been quite a month on the web, and in case you missed some of the most popular stories, we’re here to help!

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9 Tips for Creating a Successful Business Blog

This morning I had a chat with a customer about creating a successful business blog. Her team is just getting into the swing of inbound marketing. They're working really hard to create insanely helpful content for their target audience but they're worried they aren't getting any comments on their posts.

How important are comments on your posts? Should you even worry about comments on your blog posts? What really makes your blog successful?


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How Blogging can help your Business Generate New Leads

Looking for a strategy to supercharge lead generation in your business?

Did you know B2B Companies that blog get 67% more leads per month than those that don't?

That's a pretty good return on investment considering your main input is time and not money. 

Blogging is a critical piece of your Inbound Marketing Strategy. If you're doing it properly, it can have a significant impact on your businesses bottom line. Simply taking the time to answer common customer questions through your blog, you become a valuable source of information for your industry. 

It's a long term investment in a valuable business asset that will help position you as a thought leader in your industry. This in turn will help you earn the trust of potential customers.

So here's how it all comes together and how it can benefit your business...



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How to Blog: Some Simple Blogging Ideas

According to Ignite Spot, 77% of Internet users read blogs, 6.7 million people blog on blogging sites, and 12 million people blog via social networks.

As Inbound Marketers, blogging is clearly an important tool - but for many of us writing doesn't come easy. So, it's not surprising that the same question keeps coming up: "How long does it take you to create a blog post?"

The short answer is that it varies, it depends on what I'm writing about, how I'm feeling at the time, and my deadline. Blogging isn't a science and the time it takes to create a blog post depends on the person and the content. There are some simple steps you can follow that will you getting started.

Like anything in life, you have to practice consistently and time you'll find a formula that works for you.

Here are some simple things that have helped me along the way:


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