Agile Marketing Questions Answered

I had an interesting conversation with Femi Olajiga last Friday. He is working on a book about agile marketing and called to ask about my experience. Unlike Femi, I never trained as an agile coach. Instead, my experience comes from working with agile product development teams, a fair amount of reading, and some trial and error. During our discussion, Femi asked thought provoking questions, so I thought to share parts of our conversation with you. I hope you find it helpful, and I'm sure he'll these questions in more detail in his upcoming book.

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Managing a Scrum Marketing Team

How do modern marketers stay ahead of the pack? By being Agile, by having the ability to quickly test new ideas, gather real-time data on their effectiveness and make rapid course corrections based on their success or failure.

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5 Things Not To Do In Scrum Marketing

Every marketing team eventually finds its own rhythm when it comes to working with Scrum. However, it does help to read about different perspectives and trials from other teams who’ve already been there.

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The Role of a Scrum Master in Agile Marketing

Scrum is a framework that can help agile marketing teams focus on delivering chunks of work that support their overall marketing strategy. Each piece of work, or story, contributes to a Sprint goal; which in turn drives the success of your marketing goals. 

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What is Scrum for Marketing?

Scrum is an Agile framework, originally formalized for complex software development projects. It is also a useful methodology for delivering innovative, digital marketing strategies.

The philosophy behind Agile can be applied to a number of industries. Its core principles are aimed at fluidizing business processes and increasing efficiency. Scrum is the leading Agile delivery framework, a team-based approach geared toward creating business value. Marketers can use Scrum to organize marketing teams so that they become self-sufficient and deliver great results in a shorter amount of time.

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Which digital marketing metrics are most useful?

Data is at the basis of digital marketing. It’s what gives it the much craved power of analytics, real-time optimizations and audience insights. But sometimes there seems to be too much data, prompting questions like:

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How to Create a Content Strategy

Before we take on a new client, there’s always the discussion of “How exactly do you do what you do?”. Because we want to be able to easily share these ideas with our potential clients, we decided to write them down for posterity.

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Is Agile Effective for Marketing Teams?

I recently came across a forum post asking the question: “How effective are agile methodologies for creative projects, specifically for marketing initiatives?” Can agile help marketing teams be more effective? My answer? Yes, definitely.

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3 Steps To Convert Business Goals Into Digital Marketing Actions

Should I have a digital marketing strategy, or is it enough to just use some online tactics to take my business forward?

Business owners are known to work in their company, solving operational tasks, more than they work on their company, defining strategic goals. It's the routine of day-to-day tasks and the stress of growing a business that creates time pressure on non-strategic issues.

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Using Inbound marketing to evaluate market expansion opportunities

As a company you reached the point where you are king of the hill in a region or vertical industry, so the next step is start preparing for an expansion in a new market where the product or service can deliver value.

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