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The Weekend Distil - The Art & Science of Listening to Customers

Posted by  Jean Moncrieff 

"The art and science of asking probing questions and carefully listening to your customers responses lie at the core of the buyer persona concept." - Adele Revella

This week I listened to a Duct Tape Marketing podcast featuring Adele Revella from the Buyer Persona Institute. I'm doing some work on buyer personas for a couple of customers and was looking for innovative interview techniques. However, the podcast turned out to be a revelation on the mistakes marketers make when creating buyer personas and it prompted me to download a copy of Adele's book – Buyer Personas: How to Gain Insight into your Customer's Expectations, Align your Marketing Strategies, and Win More Business.


The photograph of the week, sunset in Rimini, Italy, were I'm working with local photographer Chico de Luigi.

Adele argues that the most effective way of creating a buyer personas is by listening to customers who have been through the buying process, considered or rejected solutions, and made a decision similar to the one you hope to influence.

In an intensely digital world, where meetings take place over video conferencing links, we seem to have we lost the art of listening to customers. Thinking back to my first business, I can remember my partner saying to me: "we need to live at our customers' offices, listen to everything that is said about what they need. That way we'll understand them better than any of our competitors and be on hand when there's a problem.

Aside from the book, here are some articles I thought you'd find worthwhile:

Posted by Jean Moncrieff

Jean is an entrepreneur with over 20 years business and marketing experience. He is passionate about helping startups and small business use digital marketing techniques to grow their companies. Currently, he splits his time between his home office in Italy and clients in Europe and North America.​

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