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The Weekend Distil - Bald Tires, Blowouts, and Transformers

Posted by  Jean Moncrieff 


Once a year the time comes to renew our Hubspot partnership. Working through the certification material I was reminded of the emphasis Hubspot places on investing in your own agency – making it your best reference.

It's easy to forget how important it is to look after your own business. You get so caught up in the day-to-day operations and looking after your customers that you neglect to give it the time it needs. But like any system of working parts, your business needs regular maintenance and attention.

Speaking of systems, the photo of the week was taken just outside Mauerpark, in BerlinI stumbled upon Kolja Kugler, a native Berlin artist, who builds robots, including Sir Elton Junk and afreakin bassplayer (photo of the week). These works of art have more working parts than most businesses I've encountered.

One of the links I have included – from EOS Worldwide – draws a comparison between giving your business regular attention and making sure the tires on your car aren't bald. You wouldn't want to be hurtling down the Autobahn (guess who's in Germany today) with a bald tire that suddenly bursts – the consequences could be rather dire.

Just like you need to service your car regularly, you need to put the same routine maintenance into your business: productive weekly meetings, quarterly reviews, and annual planning.

Focusing on Digital Distillers has been particularly important for us over the past few months and will be in the months to come as Andrei and I work on combining our resources – keeping an eye on our personal goals, on our business goals, and making Digital Distillers our best client reference.

Here are some worthwhile reads on the subject: 

How much time do you put into making your business your best client?

Posted by Jean Moncrieff

Jean is an entrepreneur with over 20 years business and marketing experience. He is passionate about helping startups and small business use digital marketing techniques to grow their companies. Currently, he splits his time between his home office in Italy and clients in Europe and North America.​

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