Why implement an Agile Marketing approach?

This workshop will teach you how to apply the Agile philosophy and methodology to your Marketing processes, in order to get more done, adapt to change and see measurable results.

In this Agile Marketing training course we will explore why conventional methods of managing marketing teams no longer work, and why Agile Marketing, inspired by Agile software development, helps marketing teams get more done and adapt more quickly to changing marketing requirements. We'll go through the principles, processes, terminology and tools of Agile Marketing. We'll also provide real-world examples of how teams are using Agile Marketing today and discuss how to inspire and organize marketers for maximum effectiveness in Agile Marketing teams.

We'll also cover some practicalities of implementing Agile Marketing in organizations, including transitioning to it, sustaining it, what can go wrong (and how to avoid it), selling it into the organization and the impact of Agile Marketing on your budgeting process. By the end of the course, you should know how to introduce Agile Marketing into your organization and start implementing it.

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Increased productivity

Increased productivity

Agile Marketing helps your team get better organized and increases productivity.

Better communication

Better communication

You will improve internal communication and eliminate internal conflict. Your marketing will have greater alignment with the business and sales goals of the organization.

Change management

Change management

You will prioritize the most important items and drop the ones that don't have an impact on revenue or customer satisfaction. You will adapt to change more quickly.

Here's what the workshop will cover

This Agile Marketing training course will be a mixture of lectures and labs. The labs will cover building a buyer persona and marketing model, organizing a backlog, using relative estimation, sprint planning, and executing a sprint.

Workshop agenda:

  • How marketing has evolved;
  • Create a buyer persona;
  • Describe each persona's buyer's journey;
  • Tailor your marketing model to your buyers;
  • Organize your marketing work by strategic priorities;
  • Use relative estimation for predictable performance;
  • Use Scrum for adaptive and iterative planning;
  • Use Scrum to track progress and improve productivity;
  • Involve and deliver tangible results to executives and sales leaders;
  • Measure effectiveness in ways that stakeholders understand;
  • The transition to Agile Marketing;
  • Marketing budgeting effectively without a 12-months plan.
Jean Moncrieff

Jean Moncrieff

Master Digital Distiller

I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs build great companies. Drawing from over 20 years entrepreneurial experience, I work hard to understand your current challenges and opportunities. I make sure your business and marketing goals are aligned, and then apply my skills in digital marketing and agile delivery to help your business get traction.

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